What is the photovoltaic solar spiral ground pile ?

Photovoltaic solar spiral ground pile is a kind of spiral drilling ground pile. Its characteristics include that the drill bit is connected to the drill pipe, the drill bit or the drill pipe is connected to a power source input joint. Take it out and use it directly as a pile body.
The drill bit of the photovoltaic solar helical ground pile includes the auger bit at the bottom.
Specific structure:
1. The middle part is made of high-quality steel pipes
2. The top is the connecting pipe
3. The drill pipe of the photovoltaic solar spiral ground pile includes the upper connecting pipe
Fourth, the middle part of the steel rod
Five, the lower connecting shaft
six. After the pile is driven into the ground, it is no longer taken out, but is used directly as a pile body.
On the basis of the “end bearing pile” structure and the “friction pile” structure in the construction process, it is more widely used in the construction of various ground piles, ground anchors and random structure ground piles.

Post time: May-10-2022