What is the future development prospect of screw piles?

At present, the healthy development of the screw pile industry has always been inseparable from related technologies and excellent quality standards. However, the current rapid development of screw pile production technology has brought common problems such as testing technology and standard formulation. At this stage, the screw pile industry lacks clear and complete industry norms and standards, and the quality is uneven, which greatly dampens the confidence and enthusiasm of consumers.
In order to promote the more orderly development of the screw pile market, it is necessary to establish a complete supervision system, and corresponding standards should be formulated as soon as possible, in order to provide a sustainable development environment for the entire screw pile industry
In addition, the screw pile industry still has an awkward situation in which product standardization and quality evaluation methods are lagging, and the technological development of products and market applications do not match. How to solve the current situation and break through the bottleneck of the development of the screw pile industry is not only a new subject of standardization research, but also a new task within the scope of technical quality supervision.

Post time: Apr-29-2021