What are our preparations before the construction of the spiral piles?

Huanghua Guanghui Hardware Products Co., Ltd. is located in Huanghua City, my country’s Bohai Rim Economic Open Belt, adjacent to 205 National Highway, with superior geographical location and convenient transportation. The company has complete production equipment and strong technical force, specializing in the production of various ground pile series, garden products series and other hardware products.
Preparatory work before construction of spiral piles:
(1) Seriously organize all the staff to explain the work, the team members must realize the importance of various tasks, and require the construction of spiral piles according to the requirements;
(2) After the screw pile is installed, first self-inspect, ask the supervisor to pre-accept the main content, and carry out reinforcement treatment and improvement, and finally formally organize the supervisor, the expert team and the quality supervision station table to carry out special acceptance and acceptance. Spiral pile construction can only be carried out after qualified
(3) Be familiar with the drawings, study the specifications and relevant regulations carefully, carefully compile the construction technical plan of the spiral pile, submit it to the supervisor and experts for review, and modify according to their opinions to meet the specification requirements in the construction of the spiral pile, and finally modify it Afterwards, the plan is submitted to the supervision company for approval, and the implementation of the plan is organized and implemented conscientiously;
(4) Organize materials and equipment according to the approved spiral pile construction plan;
(5) According to the construction plan of the spiral pile, draw out the floor plan of each construction section according to each construction section, and organize the construction after reporting to the supervisor for approval;

Post time: Apr-29-2021