There are several types of spiral piles and how to use them?

The first type is to use a nut to be firm, there is no flange at the end, it is important to use a nut, perhaps three or four nuts to be firm, this kind of advantage is low price, simple and convenient adjustment, without adjusting the smoothness and precise height , It is mainly used for the base support of solar panels, farm fences, flower garden bamboo fences, sun umbrella bases, etc.
The second category is the final application of the flange. Through the flange, the connection is firm, the connection is convenient, and the connection is firm. The fault is to ensure the degree of the flange when the device is necessary, and the height of the pile is high. The flange pile is important for Housing construction, dock docks, etc.
The third type is U-shaped slab ground piles, which are mainly connected by U-shaped slabs. The advantage is that the connection is convenient, firm and light, and the connection is strong. The disadvantage is that the price is slightly higher. It is mainly used for flower garden bamboo fences, guardrails, etc.
1. Today, the diameter of the spiral piles we produce ranges from 52mm to 300mm, and the length from 30mm to 2000mm. The styles include spiral piles, U-shaped sheet piles, seat piles, and straight piles. The welding quality of our products strictly meets the international standards.
2. Uses: Gardens, strong billboards, firm sun umbrellas, firm garden bamboo fences, firm solar bases, firm highway guardrails.
3. Surface treatment: hot-dip galvanizing or electro-galvanizing
4. Material: carbon steel and Q235
5. Packaging: carton packaging or iron pallet packaging

Post time: Apr-29-2021