How to choose a screw pile?

-The site, climate and surrounding environment of the project;
-Completion time stipulated by the project;
-The cost of investment and economic benefits;
-The screening of suppliers is strictly prohibited, as well as future maintenance and quality assurance issues.
Therefore, if the working place is far away from the water source, and the construction period is relatively urgent, but the soil conditions are acceptable, we recommend that the customer choose screw piles. But from the previous experience of the three huge ground-based power stations that Baowei has worked on, we have also seen that the foundation of its foundation does have its irreplaceable advantages over the cement foundation. For example, the completion of the pile foundation At that time, it is 1/4 of the cement foundation, but the labor input is 1/3 of the cement foundation. In today’s rapidly rising prices, it is no longer possible to meet the cost constraints of a project based solely on low-value labor capacity. The benefits can only be achieved through simple, high-efficiency and modern mechanical products. maximize. Baowei will send engineers to the site to conduct on-site surveys when receiving the project.

Post time: Apr-29-2021